Amala Jenifer Nirmal began building her son's first library when he was nine months old.


“I realized that I could help fellow moms do the same,” she says.


That’s how BooksforKidsIndia KIDZBUY, a home-based business of selling imported, preloved and new kids’ books, craft kits, and educational toys, was born in November 2017.


“When I reached out to family and friends on WhatsApp, I saw there was scope for the business, and began to widen my audience on Facebook and Instagram,” she explains, having left her job as a computer teacher at a Chennai school when her son was born.


She says WhatsApp is key to her business model.


"Product queries, order confirmation, payment information, feedback — all of this happens on WhatsApp"


All my orders from Facebook and Instagram are streamlined to my WhatsApp number. Product queries, order confirmation, payment information, feedback — all of this happens on WhatsApp. Because I have a record of the customer’s past conversations and payment history, I get to know the customer better.”


WhatsApp also helps her solve key business challenges.


There are times when a customer blocks a product on our social media pages and doesn’t respond further. Since a lot of customers are on my WhatsApp contact list, I can connect with them instantly. Also, I can keep them informed if there is a possibility of a delay in dispatch and shipping.


Amala’s husband works in the UAE and she moved there temporarily in January 2019. But the move hasn’t impacted the business.


That’s because platforms like WhatsApp give me the wings to run the business even if I'm not physically present in the country. While the stocking and dispatch happens in India, I am able to process the orders through WhatsApp.


It brings her great satisfaction to be running a successful and growing home-run business while helping other moms.


I am able to take care of my family and business and achieve a work-life balance, sans any compromise,” she says.


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