Hi friends,

I have made this activity collection using pictures and videos, ones I have been doing with my kid, so it might be helpful for mommies during this COVID19 lockdown time. Lot of time and energy has gone into the making of this video. I sincerely hope it benefits you all.

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Here, goes the list... 12 pc Rainbow Stacker - a Montessori toy Our Car Racer Track - we used the Reusable Sticker train foldable book to get our long track done. Bottle caps & Popsicle stick - Been collecting these colorful caps for months. Check how we used them. Color Paints Spray - a toothbrush, water colors, white sheet and few different objects will do the trick Balancing Board - Our most favorite montessory toy. It can hold upto 85 kgs, so adults can play too. Match sticks & Arrangements - for concentration and hand control Books & B - We started when B was 9 months. I'm so happy to have gifted him this passion. Play Dough - improves motor skills and grip Jigsaw Puzzles & more - We love solving wooden puzzles. Watch him do one in the video! Montessori House puzzle & Pizza Toy Fine Motor skills: -Marbles & Tong, -Board & chalk tracing, -Scooping Activities Gate & Doodlings - When paper space is limited, we had our black painted gate. The Joyful work and happy wiping with water & sponge. Rhyme Time! - Use any large print & big picture illustrated Rhyme book. Musical Time & Blowing activity - Toy organ, xylophone, straw water blowing, and drum time DIY Socks Bubble Snakes Experiment - That's my nephew demostrating the fun experiment to B. Glove & Air Pressure - That's my nephew trying out this simple science experiment. All you need is a rubber reusable glove, cut plastic bottle, and a water filled bucket. Door Grill Motor Exercise - A mug, marbles and small balls for some fun exercise. Sit, Pick and Drop! Xmas Tree Decorating - Involved him in hanging xmas tree decoratives last year, and he was so much enjoying it. Paper Cup Tower - That was after few times of introducing the activity DIY Cardboard PlayHouse - My bro's fantastic gift to his kid. That's both his and my lil one playing in it. Three Letter words Flash Cards - We love doing this one. 3 letters and image split as 3 parts, and joins to form a complete one. Vegetable, Leaves & Finger Color Printing - We tried with few cut veg and different shaped leaves. Float & Sink - That's how we learnt the concept first time,months bk at home. Superman Drill - a simple exercise for shoulder stability DIY Marble Straw maze - Our new DIY board game Our Tamil Reading Time - Few weeks after we started with tamil letters and words. Our Mother tongue! Magic Color Reveal - Mask the colors on tissue with black marker, and spray water to reveal the hidden colors. DIY Lion Sewing Board - Taught him how to do it a week bk, and chk out how he does it now Bday Bunting Monthly pics - My DIY for B's first bBday. An year back, he did arranging it in order and also surprised to see his monthly pics from month 0. Helping mommy - B never fails to help mommy with house chores. DIY Cardboard Bookrack - When B helped momma as much possible to get it done for his books. Sight seeing: Nature & beautiful creatures! - We definitely take time to amaze at God's wonderful creations...bee, butterfly, grasshopper, caterpillar...the list goes on Pencil Sharpenings & Kitchen items Art - When you want some gluing activity. Do check how it came out. 3pc Shape Zigsaw Puzzle - B's favorite puzzle pack...shape and objects matching Puppet Making with spyros and glitter stones - We used the kit recently, that I had reserved for him 2 yrs bk Colors: cotton bud & finger print + popsicle sticks activity - color printing, matching and formations Reusable / Wipe Clean Activities - includes water magic cards, bozo alphabet and activities book, Glow pad doodling Shapes match, Word search, Action play, Peg mushrooms, sound sensor light & musical ferris-wheel & more Last, but important! - Showcase your kids work. It gives them pride and joy seeing their work displayed in their special corner. Dress up Activities Sharing Few random B's Outdoor activities & fun/ funky times

All these made from what's found on my mobile. Do let me know if it was useful. It would really mean a lot to me.

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