How to teach your child to read! Researchers say most kids learn to read by 6 or 7 years of age. Some kids start at 3+ years of age itself. So can we help a kid start reading early, without putting too much pressure on him. Yes, it's POSSIBLE! Find FREE Downloadable templates link in the video description.

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42 Letter Sounds video link: Sight Words: 3 to 5 letter Words Spelling: It's proven that kids learn to read when they are able to Identify letters or combinations of letters, and connect those letters to sounds. That's why explicit, systematic instruction in phonics is important. We need to teach kids step by step through a specific sequence of letters and sounds. Start from teaching letter sounds, letter formation, then Blends, Identifying Sounds in words, and training tricky words.

Eg :the, house, our, two, friend Methods: Teaching 42 letter sounds(phonics), using CVC word picture flash cards, 3 letter puzzle cards, word family, simple phrases, Flip to spell books, training sight words through flash cards, phonics activities & games, and reading(Read Aloud) to your kids interesting picture story books for early readers, and level 1 reading books, using Phonics tab books and Stage wise kits 3to8yrs will all definitely help them take a step to try reading on their own a lil faster than usual. Once your kid is familiar with letter sounds, and read blends correctly, as you acknowledge them in the process, they will be more keen to start reading on their own. They will need your guidance learning tricky words, that can't be spelt accurately listening for sounds. Please note: Every kid is different and reading age can't be compared with other. So never try to stress on too much of the above methods, if your kid ISN'T READY. Give them the time, and go according to your kid's interest ONLY. PATIENCE IS THE KEY! Hope our video was useful in guiding you to help your kid(s) to start reading. Do let us know. Reading readiness & phonics Materials available at KidzBuy:

Skill Booster: Phonics Kit CVC word picture flash cards 3 Letters puzzle flash cards Sight words flash cards Flip to spell book Picture story books for Early readers: Naisha series, funny phonics, animal stories, Phonics storytime library Level 1 reading books: Read it yourself set Phonics Tab books Phonics Workbooks Reading Readiness workbooks and worksheets Stagewise Phonics kits from 3+ yrs : Stage1, Stage2, Stage3