Hello everyone!

Happy to Share this DIY - No Glue 5 Layer Cardboard Book Rack, that I completed making for my lil one.

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Have come across few DIY moms making wider 3 layer ones. We had this washing machine cardboard box at home, and decided to go ahead with it.


Materials Required:

Big Cardboard box, few small boxes for giving layers, scissor, craft knife, rope, wrapping sheets, decoratives , 2 way tape, transparent and brown tapes, Glue (optional)


1. Select a STURDY big cardboard box, the size you want your book rack to be. [Refer pic 1]


2. Cut out on diagonal lines the two opposite sides and a horizontal line from the bottom ,for base FRONT. Continue from top to bottom ends of these diagonal lines to give the rack a top to bottom side & front Frame. [Refer pic 3] Keep the cut out boards safe, as they'll be useful to make shelves while we layer. Involve your kid during the process. [Refer pic 2].


(I chose long vertical way, to save space and to get more layers. Also consider your kid's height to access them comfortably. I had told my lo, I'm making something for him, but kept what, 'a SECRET' to keep him curious till the end.)


3.  Start from top. The one at the top has to be at a higher height than the next one to its front. Before fixing permanently ,please check if all layers are proper and each standing base is not so deep that books get buried in, or too shallow that book may fall front way. Hence, Base must be right depth, and next front layered board at right height to allow titles of books to be seen, so your lil one can see & pick what to read. [Refer pic 4,5,6,7] Number of layers depends on the box width and height.


(Mine allowed 5 layers. And Luckily, I had 2 square thermocole that came covering washing machine top and base, and decided to use it to for the top 2 layers. I wanted the rack long lasting, so concentrated on durability and giving lil weight distributed to avoid falling backwards if more books kept on top layers maybe. And used brown cello tape for all cut edges and bottom, to secure from any tear damage.)


4. Once you've checked with layers and what materials you've used to give them a lift at base. This will take the most of your time, as it's gonna be the main layout of your rack. Pls spend t needed time! You can number them, mark on sides and keep them aside, so you'll know what to use where, when you start to fix one by one permanently. [Refer pic 7, 8,9]


 (Alternative, I followed capturing image of the temporary setting instead, so I can refer it during final fixing. So Whichever suits you. Dint wanna go mad if I get to fix the wrong one ,and then found later. Although it's GLUE FREE and can be replaced, but still.)


5. Once a layer front shelf is placed, I've used ropes for support and to keep them intact. Poke hole to either side board in same line and allow rope to pass through side to back to other side, and knot to right side frame as shown.[Refer pic 10,11,13]


(Check not to poke holes too close to the board ends, as it may lead to tearing up in edges during later days.)


6. Continue this roping till the fifth layer. And yes, now your done with the rack. Pls expect a messy home at this stage.[Refer pic 12,13] Only covering and theme decoration if any would b pending.


7. Select a theme, if not done already. Cover the entire outer area with the wrapping sheets you've decided to use.[Refer pic 14] Use glue or transparent tape to cover.


(I thought of making a rainbow theme, but hubby suggested full natural wooden, and since my lil one is a Noddy fan, we thought of doing Noddy theme decoration on the wooden BG covered Rack. Surprisingly, as Noddy's Toyland is also full of wooden characters, it well suited our idea.)


8. Decorate based on a theme your kid would love, as it'll then be one of their fav place, and lovable thing to do. Their very own Book Corner as they would want it to be... Peekaboo mirror elements, or any personalized design work if possible. [Refer last pic]


(I found a scribbled Spanish Preloved Noddy book, while searching for Noddy pics, and thought of adding my lil B's face in place of Noddy riding the plane. He really loved to see that. Also Would advise, if you can place it safe on a stand to avoid the rack getting damaged on frequent push and pull while sweeping, or getting moisty while moping floor as it's finally a cardboard material... Although done with lot of love and care for your lil wonders.)


PS: Was lazy much to use Glue gun ort other gluing methods to secure layers, and found my very own 'Roping Method' here. It's upto you to decide on what's easier to follow. In other methods, normally tissue rolls are used, and the rack layer sides to be glued to secure layers in place. Also have seen all components first wrapped entirely and then fixed. But I personally din't want to cover the unseen bottom or inner elements, hence wrapped only the outer seen rack area to avoid wastage of resource, time and effort.


Hope you liked our DIY Book Rack ,and the idea.